Steve O's Photos of Citi Field and its Construction
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After much contoversey as to the cavernous dimentions at Citi Field, the fences were shortened for the 2012 season.
The reconfigured outfield wall will be a uniform eight feet in height. The dimensions from left to right are: 335-358-385-408-398-375-330.
The old measurements, although not precisely in the same spots, were: 335-371-384-408-415-378-330.
Citi Field allowed 1.33 homers per game in 2011, which ranked 14th of 16 National League ballparks, ahead of only San Francisco (1.00) and San Diego (1.23).
Left field line – 335
Left field (2009-2011) – 371
Left Field – 358
Left center (2009–2011) – 384
Left center – 385
Center field – 408
Right center (2009–2011) – 415
Right center – 390
Adjusted to 380 in 2015
Right field (2009–2011) – 378
Right field – 375
Adjusted to 370 in 2015
Right field line – 330

For the 2015 season, the fences were again moved in. The Mets moved in portions of Citi Field's center and right-center walls. The changes range from three to 11 feet. The current dimensions (380 in right-center and 370 in right) are similar to those at Shea Stadium (396 in right-center and 371 in right).

These changes are in addition to the alterations made after the 2011 season when the outfield wall in leftfield and rightfield moved closer to home plate. Those changes ranged from approximately 4 feet in leftfield and up to approximately 12 feet in deep left-centerfield. The height of the home run line was also lowered to 8 feet throughout the outfield. The distances from home plate to centerfield and the foul poles in leftfield and rightfield have remained the same since the ballpark opened in 2009.

Stadium Features

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Citi Field Features

The cost of the new ballpark and other infrastructure improvements was $850 million, with the public funds picking up $450 million of that amount
The agreement includes a 40-year lease that will keep the Mets in New York until 2049
Capacity of 41,800 (45,000 with standing room) down from 57,333 at Shea
54 Luxury Suites
In right field there is a singular deck that is situated to extend into and over fair territory by eight feet
The four-acre natural turf field will expand from home in a northeasterly direction with the leftfield line stretching northward, and the right field line extending eastward
Distinctive asymmetrical outfield walls, along with generous original dimensions (LF - 335'; LC - 379'; CF - 408'; RC - 383'; RF - 330') make for a traditional pitcher's park
Citi Field is clad in brick, limestone, granite and cast stone, with the brick closely resembling the masonry used at Ebbets Field, both in color and texture
8,800 spaces between on-site and adjacent off-site parking.  3,680 spaces in remote lots in surrounding areas


Yankee Stadium

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