Baseball Rule Books

1949 Rule Book 

2016 MLB Rules Press Release
Torre Explains New 2014 MLB Rules / 2015 MLB Rules Press Release

Adobe Reader

2021 MLB Official Baseball Rules

2015 MLB Official Baseball Rules
2014 & 2015 formats

2021 MLB Rules Changes

2019-2020 MLB Rule Changes

2018 MLB Rule Changes

2016 MLB Rule Changes

2015 MLB Rule Changes

2014 OBR Rule 7.13 and Replay Procedure

NFHS-MLB Rules Differences

2021-22 NCAA Rule Book

2020 NFHS Rule Book (Arbiter Access Required)

NFHS Rule Changes and Interpretations

2022 American Legion Rule Book

2012 Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Rule Book

2013 Cal Ripken Rule Changes

2014 Cal Ripken Rule Changes

2015 Cal Ripken Rule Changes

2017 Cal Ripken Rule Changes

2013 Little League Rule Book and Instruction Manual

2014 Little League Rule Changes

2015 Little League Rule Changes

2016 Little League Rule Changes

2017 Little League Rule Changes

2021-22 Dixie Youth Baseball Rule Book

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