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The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is an international baseball tournament, first held in March 2006. It is sanctioned by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and created by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), and other professional baseball leagues and their players associations around the world. The 2009 WBC, the second edition of the event, was won by Japan for the second tournament in a row.

The WBC is the first international baseball tournament for national teams to feature professional players from the major leagues around the world including Major League Baseball; the Summer Olympics have regularly featured college and minor-league players because the Games conflict with the major league seasons in both regions, and the Baseball World Cup historically has not had major leaguers participate. In addition to providing a format for the best baseball players in the world to compete against one another while representing their home countries, the World Baseball Classic was created in order to further promote the game around the globe.Plans call for the World Baseball Classic to be repeated every four years following the 2009 event, with the third installment of the Classic to occur in 2013.

The 2013 event introduced a new Qualifying Round for the 2013 WBC which will expand the competitive field from 16 to 28 countries. The new round will feature 16 teams divided into four pools of four teams each. The teams invited to participate will include the four World Baseball Classic teams from 2009 that did not win a game.

The 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) is the fourth iteration of the WBC. Twelve of the sixteen nations qualified based on their performance during the first round of the 2013 tournament; the remaining four nations are the winners of four qualification tournaments that took place in February and September 2016. Two of the four qualifiers, Colombia and Israel, each made their first appearance in the World Baseball Classic.

2023 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC™ 1st Rd. TOKYO pool presented by CARNEXT  tickets in Tokyo at Tokyo Dome on Fri, Mar 10, 2023 - 12:00PM

Japan Defeats United States in World Baseball Classic Final 3-2

2023 teams 

2023 World Baseball Umpire Roster

Pool A — Taichung, Taiwan
Mark Carlson USA (MLB)
Dan Iassogna USA (MLB)
Nic Lentz USA (MLB)
Roberto Ortiz USA (MLB)
Chris Segal USA (MLB)
Shoji Arisumi JPN (NPB)
Ki Talk Park KOR (KBO)
Trent Thomas AUS (ABL)
Serge Makouchetcher FRA

Pool B — Tokyo, Japan
Ramon De Jesus USA (MLB)
Laz Diaz USA (MLB)
Adam Hamari USA (MLB)
Pat Hoberg USA (MLB)
Ben May USA (MLB)
Stu Scheurwater CAN (MLB)
Chan-Jung Chang TPE (CPBL)
Fabrizio Fabrizi ITA
Cuti Suarez ESP
Delfin Colon PR

Pool C — Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Cory Blaser USA (MLB)
Doug Eddings USA (MLB)
Bill Miller USA (MLB)
Alan Porter USA (MLB)
Carlos Torres USA (MLB)
Jhonatan Biarreta VEN
Edwin Louisa NED
Jairo Mendoza NIC
Felix Tejeda DR

Pool D — Miami, Florida, USA
Mike Estabrook USA (MLB)
Andy Fletcher USA (MLB)
Chris Guccione USA (MLB)
Angel Hernandez USA (MLB)
Ron Kulpa USA (MLB)
Alejandro Pecero PAN
Chris Graham CAN
Tim Meyer GER
Maikol Tibabijo COL

Quarterfinals, Tokyo, Japan
Laz Diaz USA (MLB)
Adam Hamari USA (MLB)
Pat Hoberg USA (MLB)
Cuti Suarez ESP
Delfin Colon PR

Quarterfinals, Miami, Florida, USA
Dan Bellino USA (MLB)
Will Little USA (MLB)

Championship Round, Miami, Florida, USA
Lance Barksdale USA (MLB)
John Tumpane USA (MLB)
Quinn Wolcott USA (MLB)

Coronavirus: World Baseball Classic canceled, per report

The 2021 WBC was cancelled due to the corona virus.

2017 WBC Logo 

2017 WBC Qualifier

• Qualifier 1 (Feb. 11-14 in Sydney): Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and South Africa
• Qualifier 2 (March 17-20 in Mexicali): Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany and Nicaragua
• Qualifier 3 (March 17-20 in Panama City): Colombia, France, Panama and Spain
• Qualifier 4 (Sept. 22-25 in Brooklyn): Brazil, Great Britain, Israel and Pakistan

Tornament qualifiers: Australia, Mexico, Columbia, Israel

2017 World Baseball Umpire Roster

First Round's Pool A (Gocheok-dong, Seoul, South Korea)
Ted Barrett (USA)
Brian Knight (USA)
Frantisek Pribyl (Czech Republic)
DJ Reyburn (USA)
Brett Robson (Australia)
Chikara Tsugawa (Japan)

First Round's Pool B (Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Cory Blaser (USA)
Su Won Choi (Korea)
Fabrizio Fabrizi (Italy)
Todd Tichenor (USA)
Larry Vanover (USA)
Jens Waider (Germany)

First Round's Pool C (Miami, Florida, USA)
Edgar Estivision (Panama)
Tripp Gibson III (USA)
Edwin Hernandez (Puerto Rico)
Dan Iassogna (USA)
Jesus Miller (Mexico)
Mark Wegner (USA)

First Round's Pool D (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico)
Dan Bellino (USA)
Santos Castillo (Dominican Republic)
Doug Eddings (USA)
Winfried Berkvens (Netherlands)
Michael Ulloa (Spain)
Quinn Wolcott (USA)

Second Round's Pool E (Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Cory Blaser (USA)
Trevor Grieve (Canada)
Todd Tichenor (USA)
Jens Waider (Germany)

Second Round's Pool F (San Diego, California, USA)
Edgar Estivision (Panama)
Tom Hallion (USA)
Byung-Hyun Kim (Korea)
Will Little (USA)

Championship Round (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Lance Barksdale (USA)
Eric Cooper (USA)
Edgar Estivision (Panama)
Rob Drake (USA)
Trevor Grieve (Canada)
Byung-Ju Kim (Korea)

Eliminated in 1st Round:
Australia, South Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Columbia

Eliminated in 2nd Round:
Israel, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic

Semifinals Final
ER Netherlands Netherlands 3
FW Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 4
SF1W Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 0
SF2W USA United States 8
FR USA United States 2
EW Japan Japan 1

2016 World Baseball Classic Qualifier

2016 WBC Qualifier Logo

Umpires for the 2016 World Baseball Classic Qualifier (Australia Stage) convened in Sydney, AUS and officiated the first round of qualifying games for the upcoming 2017 WBC, featuring teams from Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and South Africa. Six games were scheduled from February 11 through February 14 (Feb 10-13 ET).

The following is a list of the six umpires who have been assigned to and appeared during the WBC Q1 stage, along with their respective countries and leagues of representation.

Umpire Roster for the Brooklyn, NY Qualifier round for the 2016 World Baseball Classic
Xu Bing (China)
Travis Eggert (USA, Pacific Coast League)
Andrew Higgins (Canada)
Shane Livensparger (USA, International League)
Serge Makouchetchev (France; Confederation of European Baseball)
Alberto Ruiz (USA, Pacific Coast League)

Umpire Roster for Qualifier 1 in Sydney's Blacktown International Sportspark
Travis Eggert (USA; Pacific Coast League)
Alex Ortiz (USA; PCL)
Roberto Ortiz (USA; PCL)
Kun Young Park (KOR)
Brett Robson (AUS; Australian Baseball League)
Takanori Yamamoto (JPN; Nippon Professional Baseball)*

*Takanori Yamamoto also officiated the 2014 MLB Japan All-Star Series.

2013 World Baseball Classic

2013 World Baseball Classic Logo

The 2013 World Baseball Classic will be the third, the first to be held after a planned four-year break following the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

The top 4 teams from the qualification round, along with the top 12 teams at the 2009 World Baseball Classic (Australia, China, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, the United States and Venezuela), will qualify for the tournament.

Pool A, which will be played at the Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome from Saturday, March 2nd-Wednesday, March 6th, will include the countries of Brazil, China, Cuba and Japan. The opening game at the venue on March 2nd will feature two-time defending champion Japan vs. newcomer and Qualifier victor Brazil, managed by Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, at 7:00 p.m. (all times local).

Pool B will feature the countries of Australia, Chinese Taipei, Korea and the Kingdom of the Netherlands at Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan from Saturday, March 2nd-Tuesday, March 5th. The opening game on March 2nd will be played at 12:30 p.m. between 2009 finalist Korea and the Netherlands.

Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico will host the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela for Pool C contests from Thursday, March 7th-Sunday, March 10th. Venezuela and the Dominican Republic will square off in the first game in San Juan on March 7th at 7:30 p.m.

Chase Field and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Arizona will host games in Pool D, featuring Canada, Italy, Mexico and the United States from Thursday, March 7th-Sunday, March 10th. Salt River Fields will host the opening game on March 7th at 1:00 p.m. between Mexico and Italy. Team USA, managed by Joe Torre, will debut on the night of Friday, March 8th vs. Team Mexico at 7:00 p.m. at Chase Field in Phoenix.

2013 World Baseball Classic Umpires

The 2013 World Baseball Classic umpires who have and will appear on the field during the tournament represent 12 countries. Each pool has a standard of six umpires assigned (USA venues may use more):

First Round's Pool A (Fukuoka, Japan)
Gerry Davis (USA)
Chris Guccione (USA)
Poong-Ki Kim (South Korea)
Alfonso Marquez (USA/Mexico)
Carlos Rey (Puerto Rico)
Felix Tejada (Dominican Republic)

First Round's Pool B (Taichung, Taiwan)
Lance Barksdale (USA)
Paul Emmel (USA)
Greg Gibson (USA)
Trevor Grieve (Canada)
Kenjiro Mori (Japan)
Cesar Valdes (Cuba)

First Round's Pool C (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Dan Bellino (USA)
Eric Cooper (USA)
Jair Fernandez (Mexico)
Ed Hickox (USA)
Paul Hyham (Australia)
Jesus Miller (Mexico)

First Round's Pool D (Phoenix, Arizona)
Brian Gorman (USA)
Brian Knight (USA)
Miguel Hernandez (Venezuela)
Kwang-Nam Na (South Korea)
Jim Reynolds (USA)
Todd Tichenor (USA)
Michael Ulloa (Spain)

Second Round's Pool 2 (Miami, Florida)
Angel Hernandez (USA/Cuba)
Marvin Hudson (USA)
Edgar Estivison (Panama)
Paul Hyham (Australia)
Katsumi Manabe (Japan)
Mark Wegner (USA)

Championship Round (San Francisco, California)
Ted Barrett (USA)
Wally Bell (USA)
Edgar Estivision (Panama)
Trevor Grieve (Canada)
Paul Hyham (Australia)
Bill Miller (USA)
Wally Bell (USA)
Bill Miller (USA)

WBC Qualifying Round Umpires

The following is a list of umpires, many taken from the minor league ranks, who have/are making an appearance during the 2012 WBC qualifying stage, along with their country of representation

Qualifier 1 and 2

9/19/12: Israel vs. South Africa (Florida, USA; 7-3 ISR); HP: Chris Segal (USA, IL). 1B: Sean Barber (USA, IL). 2B: Trevor Grieve (Canada, SAr). 3B: Jens Waider (Germany)
9/20/12: Canada vs. Great Britain (Regensburg, Germany; 11-1 CAN); HP: Stephen Barga (USA, PCL). 1B: Will Little (USA, IL). 2B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (Chinese Taipei). 3B: Marco Screti (Italy)
9/20/12: Spain vs. France (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 8-0 ESP); HP: Quinn Wolcott (USA, PCL). 1B: Jairo Mendoza (Nicaragua). 2B: Sean Barber (USA). 3B: Trevor Grieve (CAN)
9/21/12: Germany vs. Czech Republic (Regensburg, Germany; 11-1 GER); HP: Ben May (USA, IL). 1B: Michael Ulloa (Spain). 2B: Marco Screti (ITA). 3B: Will Little: (USA)
9/21/12: Israel vs. Spain (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 4-2 ISR); HP: Sean Barber (USA). 1B: Chris Segal (USA). 2B: Jens Waider (GER). 3B: Jairo Mendoza (NIC).
9/21/12: South Africa vs. France (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 5-2 RSA); HP: Trevor Grieve (CAN). 1B: Jairo Mendoza (NIC). 2B: Quinn Wolcott (USA). 3B: Chris Segal (USA)
9/22/12: Great Britain vs. Czech Republic (Regensburg, Germany; 12-5 GBR); HP: Marco Screti (ITA). 1B: Stephen Barga (USA). 2B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE). 3B: Ben May (USA)
9/22/12: Canada vs. Germany (Regensburg, Germany; 16-7 CAN); HP: Will Little (USA). 1B: Ben May (USA). 2B: Michael Ulloa (ESP). 3B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE)
9/22/12: Spain vs. South Africa (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 13-3 ESP); HP: Quinn Wolcott (USA). 1B: Sean Barber (USA). 2B: Jairo Mendoza (NIC). 3B: Jens Waider (GER)
9/23/12: Germany vs. Great Britain (Regensburg, Germany; 16-1 GER); HP: Stephen Barga (USA). 1B: Ben May (USA). 2B: Michael Ulloa (ESP). 3B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE).
9/23/12: Spain vs. Israel (Jupiter, Florida, USA)

Qualifier 3, Rod Carew National Stadium, Panama City, Panama

Toby Basner (USA; International League)
Angel Campos (USA; Pacific Coast League)
Clint Fagan (USA; PCL)
Jair Fernandez (Mexico; Mexican League)
Domingo Polanco (Dominican Republic; Dominican League)
Cesar Valdes (Cuba)

Qualifier 4, XinZhuang Stadium, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Su Won Choi (Taiwan; Chinese Professional Baseball League/Taiwan)
David Kulhanek (Czech Republic; Confederation of European Baseball)
D.J. Reyburn (USA; PCL)
Mark Ripperger (USA; PCL)
Kouichi Tanba (Japan; Nippon Professional Baseball)
John Tumpane (USA; PCL)

AL: Appalachian League (Rookie Advanced), AZ: Arizona League (Rookie), CL: Carolina League (A Advanced), EL: Eastern League (AA), FSL: Florida State League (A Advanced), GCL: Gulf Coast League (Rookie), IL: International League (AAA), MW: Midwest League (A), NW: Northwest League (Short A), NY: New York-Penn League (Short A), PCL: Pacific Coast League (AAA), PL: Pioneer League (Rookie Advanced), SA: South Atlantic League (A), SL: Southern League (AA), TL: Texas League (AA)

WBCI shall engage a staff of umpires to officiate Qualifying Round games. Each such Umpire shall sign and submit to WBCI an Umpire Participation Agreement. WBCI shall provide each umpire with a uniform, all parts of which the umpires shall wear while officiating as umpires. Each ballpark shall provide a separate dressing room for the umpires. No visitors except WBCI personnel or the immediate family of an umpire are permitted in the umpires' dressing room. Any immediate family not of the same sex as the umpire or umpires using the umpires' dressing room shall leave the room at the request of any umpire if any umpire is dressing or undressing. All persons except official personnel shall leave the umpires' dressing room no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of a game. At the completion of a game, the umpire crew chief may impose, in the discretion of the crew chief, a 15-minute period during which no visitors except official WBCI personnel are to be allowed in the umpires' dressing room. All umpires shall adhere to any WBCI policies in regard to security. "Immediate family" is defined as spouses, grandparents, parents, siblings and children.

No umpire may, directly or indirectly, ask any player, manager, coach, locker room attendant or other Federation Team personnel for any autographs. Similarly, Federation Team personnel, including any player, manager, coach or other field personnel (including locker room attendants), are prohibited from providing umpires with autographs except as may be approved by WBCI. No umpire may ask for, take, sell or participate in or otherwise traffic in Team or WBCI property, such as baseballs, bats, uniforms, lineup cards and the like. No umpire may, directly or indirectly, validate or certify any baseball, bat, uniform or other object as genuine or as actually used in a game.

Qualification Rounds

September 19-23, 2012
WBC Qualifier 1 in Jupiter, Fla. (France, Israel, South Africa, Spain)
Spain Advances

September 20-24, 2012
2013 WBC Qualifier 2 in Regensburg, Germany (Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain)
Canada Advances

November 15-19, 2012
WBC Qualifier 3 in Panama City, Panama (Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama)
Brazil Advances

November 15-18, 2012
Qualifier 4 in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand)
Chinese Taipei Advances

Main Tournament
March, 2013

Semifinals Final
2R Puerto RicoPuerto Rico 3
1W JapanJapan 1
SF1W Puerto RicoPuerto Rico 0
SF2W Dominican RepublicDominican Republic 3
1R NetherlandsNetherlands 1
2W Dominican RepublicDominican Republic 4

2009 World Baseball Classic

2009 Baseball Classic Logo

The first-round venues for the second running of the World Baseball Classic, which began on March 5, 2009 in Japan.
The brackets were as follows:

Pool A -- China, Chinese Taipei, Japan and Korea on March 5 in Tokyo Dome.
Pool B -- Australia, Cuba, Mexico and South Africa, from March 8-12 in Mexico City.
Pool C -- Canada, Italy, the U.S. and Venezuela, from March 8-12 in Toronto.
Pool D -- Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Panama and Puerto Rico, from March 7-11 in Puerto Rico.


# Last Name, First Name, Country
67 Barksdale, Lance (USA)
65 Barrett, Ted (USA)
56 Cooper, Eric (USA)
13 Cousins, Derryl (USA)
6 Davis, Corrie (Canada)
32 DeMuth, Dana (USA)
63 Diaz, Laz (USA)
1 Dreckman, Bruce (USA)
2 DuPont, Stephane (Canada)
50 Emmel, Paul (USA)
3 Estivison, Edgar (Panama)
49 Fletcher, Andy (USA)
53 Gibson, Greg (USA)
15 Hickox, Ed (USA)
51 Hudson, Marvin (USA)
4 Hyham, Paul (Australia)
58 Iassogna, Dan (USA)
46 Kulpa, Ron (USA)
# Last Name, First Name, Country
41 Meals, Jerry (USA)
26 Miller, Bill (USA)
7 Moon, Seong Hoon (Korea)
11 Nakamura, Minoru (Japan)
5 Oh, Seok Hwan (Korea)
14 Perez, Jorge (Cuba)
8 Ramirez, Luis (Mexico)
19 Rapuano, Ed (USA)
9 Rey, Carlos (Puerto Rico)
10 Rodriguez, Willie (Puerto Rico)
12 Toledo, Dan (Mexico)
22 Tomoyose, Masato (Japan)
27 Vanover, Larry (USA)
31 Watarida, Hitoshi (Japan)
47 Wegner, Mark (USA)
21 Wendelstedt, Hunter (USA)
22 West, Joe (USA)
17 Yoshikawa, Masami (Japan)


Semifinals Final
1R South KoreaSouth Korea 10
2W VenezualaVenezula 2
SF1W South KoreaSouth Korea 3
SF2W JapanJapan 5
2R USAUnited States 4
1W JapanJapan 9

2006 World Baseball Classic

February 24, 2006

2006 baseball Classic


In the First Round Assignment column the locations are where the umpires are assigned. Please note that the umpires are typically from foreign nations or traveling to foreign nations and spend time in hotels or any accomodations they can find. Umpires asdsigned yo Orlando, Fl (Disney) will likely be staying in downtown Disney hotels.

Last Name First Name Native Country First Round Assignment
Armendariz Ramon USATokyo, Japan
BarksdaleLance USAOrlando, FL (Disney)
Barry Scott USAOrlando, FL (Disney)
Campos Angel USAPhoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
Causey Kevin USASan Juan, PR
Davidson Bob USAPhoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
Dellinger Dusty USA Orlando, FL (Disney)
Diaz Nelson Cuba Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
Dowdy Adam USA San Juan, PR
DrakeRob USASan Juan, PR
Durfee Peter USA Tokyo, Japan
Fairchild Chad USASan Juan, PR
Fullwood Troy USA Orlando, FL (Disney)
Griffith Chris USA Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
Guccione Chris USA Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
Hallion Tom USA San Juan, PR
Heo Un KoreaTokyo, Japan
Hickox Ed USA Orlando, FL (Disney)
Hoye James USASan Juan, PR
JohnsonAdrian USATokyo, Japan
KnightBrian USATokyo, Japan
McCabeIan South AfricaSan Juan, PR
ChenMinggao ChinaTokyo, Japan
MoserCasey USAOrlando, FL (Disney)
MuchlinskiMike USAPhoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
PierfrancoLeone ItalySan Juan, PR
PoultonNeil AustraliaPhoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
ReiningerTravis USAPhoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
ReyCarlos Puerto RicoOrlando, FL (Disney)
ShiehLiang-Kuei Chinese TaipeiTokyo, Japan
van GroningenFred NetherlandsOrlando, FL (Disney)


Last Name First Name Country
Colon Delfin Puerto Rico
Hernandez Edwin Puerto Rico
Peralta Roberto Panama
Provincher Rene Canada
van den Berk Edwin Netherlands

* NOTE: An umpire from Japan will work the World Baseball Classic but will be announced at a later time.


Semifinals Final
2R CubaCuba 3
2W Dominican RepublicDominican Republic 1
SF2W JapanJapan 10
SF1W CubaCuba 6
1R JapanJapan 6
1W South KoreaSouth Korea 0

Eligibility Rules

A player is eligible to participate on a World Baseball Classic team if:

Rules of Play

A pitcher cannot pitch until:

A pitcher cannot pitch more than:

A pitcher can still finish a batter's plate appearance even if the limit is reached, but must come out after completing the plate appearance

A game will be a called game if the leading team is ahead by:

Mercy rules do not apply during the semi-finals and finals. The Designated Hitter rule appliesfor all games.

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